A British tourist, 37, was killed yesterday (June 14) while riding a rented motorbike in a serious collision on Harbor Road in Paget. The accident occurred near the junction of Manse and Chapel Roads at 1535 hours.  The victim, who was riding a rented motorbike with a female passenger, collided with a car traveling along Harbor Road.

COMMENT: The victim was rushed to King Edward VII Memorial where he was pronounced dead. His woman passenger, 36, was also treated for minor injuries and released, but facing the ramifications of sudden death far from home.

The first fatality of the year was recorded on February 5, when US tourist Michael Lancelotta, 48, also riding a rented motorbike, died following a road traffic accident on Wellington Street in St. George’s near Tiger Bay when he collided with a truck and died from his injuries. 

As I have urged in countless other postings in the past, tourists and travelers should not rent a motorbike if they have no experience riding two-wheeled motorized vehicles. Ideally, foreigners should be required to present a valid license for such vehicles as their inexperience is a recipe for disaster. Yet, most rental companies will rent motorbikes to anyone, whether they have experience or not.