Monday, June 4, 2012

Canada: Tourist from Ontario, 30, Falls to His Death from Capilano Suspension Bridge

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and Capilano Suspension Bridge staff  extended their condolences to the family of an Ontario tourist, 30, who fell 200 feet to his death on Saturday (June 2), after climbing over the railing of the park’s suspended Cliffwalk feature, but slipped and fell onto the canyon floor below at 1750 hours.

The victim, from St. Catherine’s, Ont. had been on vacation with extended family. Reportedly, the RCMP is attempting to determine if the tourist had climbed over the safety fencing to retrieve a credit card.

COMMENT: The park, one of British Columbia's most popular tourist destinations, was reopened on Sunday (June 3), although grief counselors were available.

 In June 2010, American student Daniel Cho, 17, fell to his death in the park during a class trip. Cho was later found to be found to be on drugs at the time and also jumped the safety fencing. Since then, park staff accompany all youth groups who visit the park.

Originally built in 1889, Capilano Suspension Bridge stretches 450 feet (137m) across and 230 feet (70m) above Capilano River. Since then much has been added to the twenty-seven acre park. 

The cliffwalk is the park's newest attraction, a cantilevered walkway clinging to the granite cliff high above Capilano Canyon. Treetops Adventure, seven suspension bridges through the evergreens taking you up to 100 feet (30m) above the forest floor, offers a unique squirrel's eye perspective of the forest.