Saturday, June 23, 2012

Crotia: Eight Czech Tourists, Including Child, 7, Die in Bus Crash, Fatigued Driver Cited

Eight Czech tourists, including a seven-year-old child, died earlier today (June 23) when a fatigued driver crashed into a highway fence and then overturned.  Additionally, 44 other passengers on the bus were injured.

COMMENT: As with so many tour bus crashes, in this case, police on the scene concluded that a very fatigued driver contributed to the death toll.

Unfortunately, the number of tourists who are seriously injured and killed in tour buses worldwide continues to rise.

Consequently, I urge tourists and travelers to fly Category 1 domestic commercial airliners if tour bus travel is going to be greater than an hour. 

Yes, I do understand that the budgets of many travelers are limited, yet traveling long distances in DEVELOPING countries by bus is fraught with significant risks.

Traveling "on the cheap," while fun, interesting and bringing with it great experiences, also exposes travelers to risks that may well be irreversible.

This accident also emphasizes the need for all tourists and travelers to not leave home without subscribing to international medical treatment and evacuation coverage, given the fact that few hospitals and clinics abroad will treat the injured and sick without ADVANCE payment.