Friday, June 1, 2012

Egypt: Americans Kidnapped by Bedouin Tribesmen Released Unharmed

As a follow-up to my earlier posting on the kidnapping of two US tourists in their thirties, who were abducted on May 30 in the Sinai Peninsula, the two Americans were released late on Thursday.

COMMENT:  Tourists Jonathan Shizarlasky and Carter Brabon were traveling to the coastal Red Sea resort of Nuwaiba when Bedouin tribesmen, protesting the arrest of a drug dealer, seized them and took to an undisclosed location.

After prolonged negotiations, the drug dealer was released from a local police station on Thursday (May 31) in return for the tourists. 

Although the two Americans were never at risk of being harmed, but were simply being used as political pawns, concessions to kidnappers, regardless of their motive, usually results in even more kidnapping--because the tactic is highly effective.

Usually when you see a criminal tactic being used repeatedly in a given area, that is usually a clue to avoid the region, in the absence of local police escorting foreign tourists who have been kidnapped there in the past.