Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Illinois: Group of Teens Assaults, Robs Multiple Victims in Chicago

Two crime victims, one a tourist, 31, and the other a local resident, 44, were beaten and robbed by upwards of ten youthful assailants at 2150 hours on Saturday (June 9) in the 500 block of North State Street. The tourist suffered a broken jaw and the local resident sustained a cut lip that required several stitches.

Another incident occurred thirty minutes earlier than the first incident when a group of assailants, very like the same ones, attacked a couple near the Red Line Station at State and Lake.

COMMENT:  Seven youths ranging in age from 13 to 16 were charged on Monday (June 11). Also, Mitchelle Coradarrowe, 18, faces felony counts of mob action and aggravated battery.

Then, on Sunday night (June 10), another crime victim, 36, was attacked by a large group of teens in the Chicago's Historic District, often referred to as the Gold Coast.  The incident occurred when a man was walking home from work at 2200 hours on the 800 block of North Dewitt Place when the group beat him and robbed him of his iPhone. The man suffered abrasions, bruises and cuts on his head in the attack. He was released from Northwestern Memorial Hospital on Monday.

The sad part is that Chicago has become one of the nation's most crime-ridden cities, despite the fact that Illinois legislators have consistently refused to enact a right-to-carry law in the state, thus permitting citizens to protect themselves with a concealed handgun, a privilege that exists in most US states.

Until such a law is enacted, which would give citizens the option of arming themselves or not, pedestrians in the Windy City will be vulnerable to physical attack, particularly at night. 

In the interim, and until such time as the Chicago Police Department is capable of preventing widespread street crime, walking at night in many parts of Chicago can only be described as a high-risk activity. Thus, the only option available to pedestrians is to travel by vehicle as much as possible, a financial burden at best.