Saturday, June 23, 2012

Spain: Another European Tourist Dies While "Balconing"

A German tourist, 19, fell and died while jumping from one balcony to another on the seventh floor of an apartment complex in  Lloret de Mar on Friday (June 22). 

An autopsy is scheduled to determine whether the young German was using drugs and/or alcohol prior to the "accident."

COMMENT: As I have noted repeatedly in the past, "balconing" is a high risk game that predominantly Europeans play while partying abroad, largely in Spain. It is often said that such games of chance often have fatal results, ending lives well before their time.

Spain is often a magnet for young European who are attracted by low costs. Unfortunately, unlike hotel architecture in many developed nations, which are designed with guest safety in mind, hotels and apartment complexes in Spain are designed for partying and market their facilities to young adults.

Parents of young adults everywhere are urged to appeal to their sons and daughters that drinking moderately is one way of living a long life. Sadly, few of the latter heed such advice.