Saturday, June 9, 2012

St. Kitts: Five Locals Plead Guilty in 2010 Robbery of 17 Cruise Line Passengers

In a continuing case of five St Kitts men charged with robbing some seventeen cruise-ship passengers while on a shore excursion on the road to Brimstone Hill on November 14, 2010, the five defendants pleaded guilty when they re-appeared in court on Wednesday (June 6). 

When the five assailants were arraigned in 2010, they all pleaded not guilty, yet on Wednesday they changed their pleas to guilty. Sentencing is scheduled some time next month while impact reports are being prepared.

COMMENT: The five defendants were originally charged with stopping and boarding a bus of some cruise-ship passengers and robbing them of cell phones, jewelry, money and other personal belongings. The incident resulted in the temporary suspension of some cruise ships stopping at St. Kitts.

Cruise-ship passengers are urged to not carry anything that cannot be replaced while on a cruise, as the larceny and robbery of cruise-ship passengers is on the rise at many ports of call. 

For insurance purposes, it is also essential that foreign travelers report theft and robbery to local police, as most insurance underwriters require them.

Finally, in the event of injury during the course of becoming a crime victim, it is a must that all international travelers subscribe to international medical treatment and evacuation coverage BEFORE leaving home.