Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Alaska: Solo Hiker Mauled, Killed by Grizzly Bear in Denali While Taking Photos

According to a press report contained in The Los Angeles Times, solo hiker Richard White, 49, of San Diego, CA, observed and photographed a grizzly bear as close as fifty yards away until such time as the bear suddenly turned aggressive and mauled the man to death.

It is believed that the hiker was killed by the grizzly on Friday (August 24). The mauling occurred along the Toklat River.

COMMENT: After other hikers reported what had happened to the man, park officials were notified at which point rangers in a helicopter spotted a large male grizzly bear sitting on the hiker's remains. 

Subsequently,  a state trooper shot and killed the bear. Investigators will examine the bear's stomach contents and use other forensic analysis to confirm it was the grizzly that killed the hiker.

Although the bear attack was the first fatality ever reported in the Park's history, it should be noted that Park management urges all visitors to stay as far away as 300 yards from grizzly bears they see in the wild, as their behavior cannot be predicted.