Wednesday, August 29, 2012

México: 12 Federal Cops Remanded Following Unprovoked Attack on US Diplomatic Vehicle

According to EFE, a Mexican judge has ordered twelve federal police officers held without bail for 40 days pending an investigation of last week’s hostile fire attack on a US Embassy vehicle bearing CD (diplomatic) plates.

The CD designation means that the vehicle contains representatives of the Diplomatic Corps. 

Two embassy personnel and an official of the Mexican Navy accompanying the Americans were wounded in the incident, although none of their injuries were reported to be life-threatening.

COMMENT: The Americans and the Mexican official were traveling on a stretch of unpaved road en route to a navy installation when they encountered an unmarked vehicle whose occupants were brandishing firearms.

Not realizing that the unmarked vehicle was occupied by federal police, the driver of the diplomatic vehicle took evasive action, thinking it was an attack by criminals, which is a frequent occurrence in México. 

It was at that time that the occupants of the unmarked vehicle opened fire on the diplomatic vehicle, only to be joined by three other police vehicles who fired upon the embassy vehicle.

Unfortunately, it is a common practice in México for police to shoot first and ask questions later. 

At a minimum, before the police initiated their armed assault on the embassy vehicle, they easily could have radioed a dispatcher to confirm whether the embassy vehicle was legitimate or not.

The occupants of the embassy vehicle subsequently taken to a  hospital in Cuernavaca, roughly 85 kilometers (53 miles) south of Mexico City, for treatment of their wounds.

This report will be updated as new information becomes available.