Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sri Lanka: Australian Tourists Victims of Larceny from Hotel Room in Talpe

After arriving in Talpe last week, an Australian civil engineer and his wife, their two children and two friends booked a suite in Talpe to enjoy the sun and sand.

Shortly after their arrival, they returned to their hotel one night after having dinner only to discover that Rs 350,000 (US$2,643), five passports and several cameras were missing from their room.

COMMENT: Foreign travelers should take measures to prevent theft from hotel rooms. 

This should include safeguarding passports, money, travelers' checks, etc. in the hotel lobby's two-keyed safe deposit box system. If such a system is not available, upgrading to a hotel that has such a system should be strongly considered, particularly if carrying a large sum of currency.

Foreign travelers should take precautions to prevent passport theft. This should include carrying a photocopy of all photo pages of passports, including passport numbers, as well as extra passport photos in the event passports are stolen. This precaution will speed-up the process of getting stolen passports reissued by consulates and embassies.