Sunday, August 26, 2012

Trindidad & Tobago: British Tourist, 54, Raped, Robbed by Serial Rapist, Assailant Arrested

A Trinidadian serial rapist, 35, who is believed to have raped and robbed a British tourist, 54, on August 12, while she was on a two-month vacation in Trinidad, was arrested on Friday (August 24) in Cunupia. 

According to a news report in The Trinidad Guardian, the suspect, who is well-known to police, struck up a conversation with the victim and another woman in a bar in Chaguanas when he offered to drive them both home.

After dropping off the victim's friend at her home around midnight, the man drove the British woman to her home in Boy Cato Trace where he not only raped her at gunpoint, but also robbed her of some $35,000 in jewelry and $80 and then pushed from a moving vehicle.

COMMENT: Now, here's the really interesting part: The assailant was the COUSIN of the woman who was not raped in the above case, suggesting that the perpetrator never really had a long-term career in crime because of what can only be described as diminished capacity, in raping and robbing her friend from the UK.

Additionally, if the cousin of the assailant did not know her relation well, and particularly his criminal history, both women should simply have called up a taxi to take them both home and avoided what proved to be a nightmare for the British victim.

The assailant's car, which was also stolen, was later found along Madras Road, a short distance away from where the suspect was attacked and robbed. 

Fortunately, on the basis of developed leads, the assailant was arrested on Friday and will participate in a police "line-up" sometime today to confirm his identity by the rape/robbery victim.

Inasmuch as the victim is scheduled to return to the UK on September 11, local police are expediting arraignment and judicial proceedings. The perpetrator will be charged with rape, robbery and kidnapping.

This is a standing suggestion that I've made to tourists and travelers for years: Leave all expensive or expensive-looking jewelry safely at home when traveling abroad. 

It is far more prudent to acquire nice, but inexpensive jewelry locally and avoid the theft of a major collection.