Friday, September 21, 2012

Global Impact: Americans, Europeans Urged to Be Cautious Amidst Anti-US Protests, Some Very Violent

COMMENT: Our readers are cautioned that numerous anti-US and Western nation protests and demonstrations have spread throughout the Muslim world today (September 21), accounting for the deaths of roughly 47 people.

As a result, the following suggestions are offered:

1. Ensure that you have already electronically registered your travel and contact information with the US Department of State or your appropriate Foreign Ministry;

2.  Avoid visits to your respective embassy or consulate;

3.  Avoid wearing any apparel, flags or logos that identify what country you are from;

4.  Avoid ALL public gatherings no matter how peaceful they appear to be; and

5. Consider remaining in your hotel if violent demonstrations have been reported in the city in which you are traveling or living in.