Sunday, September 23, 2012

UK/Spain: Despite Safety Campaigns, Intoxicated Britons Continue to Die

An inquest in Wakefield, West Yorks, this week was told that British tourist Adam Atkinson, 20, may well have been attempting to jump out to surprise his friends during the early morning hours of April 17, when he climbed over a railing, lost his grip and fell to his death three floors below. 

The latest tragedy occurred at the Hotel Martinique in Magaluf.

Those in attendance also heard that along with other young British adults, Adam returned to their hotel after a night of clubbing only to engage in a game of bravado with his friends to measure how many glasses of vodka could be downed in a two-hour period.

The accident was the latest in a string of deaths on the Spanish sunshine island, which saw three fatalities in just one month.
The British Foreign Office data also reveals that Majorca has seen a 132% rise in hospital admissions for sick and injured Brits in the last two years alone.
In Majorca and Ibiza there have been nine balcony falls, including three deaths, often involving young people and alcohol.

COMMENT: After Adam’s death four more Brits had falls in Magaluf, with two deaths.

Although the Foreign Office and the Association of British Travel Agents have joined collectively to promote a safety program aimed at youthful British tourists, telling binge drinkers not to drink and engage in foolish pranks that cause them to die is fruitless. Such an approach will never work, particularly when impaired peer pressure is so intensely at work:
Considering that that I have over 35 years' experience in physical security, much of it acquired in apartment and hotel construction, Spanish hotels must come to the realization that telling someone not to do something is absurd from the outset.

The only approach that WILL discourage young British tourists from engaging in what is tantamount to Russian Roulette is a retrofitting of the balconies found in Spain, in particular, which appeal largely to partying groups.

Respectfully, I offer the British Foreign Office and the ABTA to provide them a 60% reduction off my consultation fees provided that they additionally absorb the cost of my airfare, hotel accommodations and ground expenses. Also, an in-depth White Paper, including detailed recommendations, is included in the effort.

Such an offer is designed solely to identify physical security solutions in preventing further injuries and loss of life of British tourists.

If the Foreign Office, the ABTA and Spanish hoteliers do not act soon, the human carnage will only continue to irreversibly change the lives of British parents.