Monday, October 22, 2012

Arizona: Driver of Tour Bus Transporting 50+ Australians Collapses, All Passengers Injured

According to Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT), a group of forty-eight 50+ Australian tourists were all injured while traveling on a tour bus that suddenly crashed when the driver apparently had a heart attack and lost control of the bus, causing it to careen off the roadway.

The bus had just completed a tour of the Grand Canyon; fortunately, most of the injuries were not life-threatening. No other vehicles were involved.

The bus was northbound on Highway 93 in Arizona on Friday night (October 19) and approaching the Nevada state line, when the driver collapsed.

COMMENT: Six passengers more seriously hurt were flown by helicopter to University Medical Center in Las Vegas, while 15 others with less severe injuries were rushed to area hospitals by road.

Considering that most tour bus operators world-wide are generally not young, because of inexperience, it is prudent for all tour operators to mandate that drivers over the age of 40 be administered a thorough physical examination annually, so as to reduce the potentiality of mass-casualty accidents.