Sunday, October 28, 2012

Brazil: Large Sector of Northeast, Including Brasília, Hit by Blackout

According to EFE, Electrical infrastructure caught fire between two substations caused a blackout in nine states of northeastern Brazil, as well as in the capital city of Brasília, and numerous municipalities of two northern states, causing a power outage for roughly 53 million residents for one hour and 30 minutes.

The problem extended to the Federal District of Brasília and to certain municipalities in the states of Para and Tocantins. It was the second time in the last 35 days that the same regions have been hit by a power outage.

COMMENT: Spokespersons for the National Electric System Operator (ONS), said that the outage before dawn on Friday (October 26) was caused by an electrical equipment fire between the substations of Colinas, in Tocantins state, and Imperatriz, in the state of Maranhao. 

These two electrical substations are strategic points in the system that interconnects the electric grids of Brazil’s northern and northeastern regions, where most of the country’s electricity is generated.

This latest blackout comes less than two years before the country hosts the 2014 World Cup and less than four years before Rio de Janeiro welcomes athletes from around the world for the 2016 Summer Olympics.