Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dominican Republic: German National Killed by Police in Court-Ordered Search

German national Peter Demetrick, age unknown, was shot and killed and three Dominican Republic police officers were wounded on Wednesday (October 17), when officers attempted to execute a court-ordered search warrant in the northern coastal town of Sosúa, just four miles from the Puerto Plata International Airport (POP).

Demetrick, was wearing a ballistic-reistant vest and fired numerous rounds at police and prosecutors when they arrived at a residence in the La Mulata III development to execute a search warrant. After Demetrick was killed, several other foreign nationals were arrested as part of a European criminal enterprise. 

COMMENT: Upon arrival at the address listed on the search warrant, the police team was  were fired upon by numerous individuals at the residence, causing Dominican police to return fire, resulting in Demetrick's death and the eventual surrender of several of the  foreigners who fired upon police.

Once inside the residence, police found an arms cache that included two US military M-16  assault rifles, hundreds of rounds of ammunition and seven more protective vests. The occupants also were in possession of a US-manufactured fully-armored vehicle.

According to the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the Dominican Republic is increasingly becoming one of the major trans-shipment centers for illegal drugs, principally cocaine, destined for Europe and the US.

The implication of multinationals in various criminal operations throughout the world is one good reason that travelers from all nations should exercise caution and choose their acquaintances very, very carefully.