Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dominican Republic: Update on Bizarre Doomsday Group That Attacked Police

As a follow-up to my posting of  October 20, a judge has ordered a year-long detention for Peter Brunck, 61, of Meisenheim, Germany, leader of the Academy for Future Health;  his son, Daniel Brunck; and Isabella Dietrich, girlfriend of Peter Demetrick, who was killed last week when Dominican police executed a judge-ordered search warrant last Wednesday which resulted in the injury to three local police officers.

COMMENT: It is often said that some real-life events cannot be replicated by fiction, which may well be in the case in this instance.

According to local media, Peter Brunck, who passionately believes in the presence of aliens on Earth, had amassed a huge arsenal of firearms and resisted a team of police who converged on their residence in Sousá, just four miles from Puerto Plata International Airport.

Police recovered several rifles, grenades and professional crossbows with scopes along with seven ballistic-resistant vests, a ballistic-reistant vehicle and an ambulance inside Brunck’s house. 

From all indications, Brunck has lived in Sosuá since 2006. According to the group's website, he traveled frequently to western Europe to give dozens of seminars, charging upwards of $650 per person for workshops. 

Brunck warned followers about the end of the world and talked about the possibility of a “galactic super electromagnetic wave” that could destroy all communication on Earth, as well as a potential shift in polarity that could bring a new ice age in Europe or result in sea levels rising by nearly 200 feet (60 meters).

Fortunately for everyone in Sousá, neighbors contacted the police when they heard sounds of gunfire coming from Brunck's residence. That resulted in  the issuance of a search warrant and an armed attack on police who executed the warrant.

This report will be updated as new information becomes available.

The positive news is that this strange group of armed individuals have been neutralized. They will also soon discover that detention procedures in the Dominican Republic differ dramatically from those in Europe.