Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Global Impact: Caution Urged for Motorists at Traffic Signals in Developing Countries

COMMENT: Although this criminal tactic is not used in ALL countries, it is employed in regions throughout the world and does affect motorists who are driving their own vehicles.

As most of our well-traveled readers know all too well, motorists often encounter pedestrians converging at traffic signals in a number of countries, whereby they attempt to wash the windows of motorists and/or attempt to sell candy, gum, newspapers, bottled water and similar products to drivers at stop-lights or even beg for money.

What many motorists do not know is that youngsters that approach their vehicles at a traffic signal when vehicles are stopped may use washing of auto windows or selling low-cost products as a pretense to "spot" valuables in the interior of vehicles, by placing a special mark on the vehicle unknown to the driver.

Then, when the driver reaches the next stop-light, another group of pedestrians, adults who are also armed and experienced, target the marked vehicle for a hasty armed robbery.

One of the best techniques of avoiding criminal opportunities is to keep your auto windows UP and your doors remotely locked.

Obviously, motorists are urged to avoid leaving purses, briefcases, laptops and tote-bags in clear view of pedestrians who may approach their vehicle for robbery, which may include the breaking of side auto windows.