Friday, October 5, 2012

Jewish-American Seizes Firearm from Security Guard, Kills One, Is Shot, Killed in Eilat

An unidentified Jewish-American tourist in his 20s, who had come to Israel as a participant in a cultural program, grabbed a firearm belonging to a security guard working at the Leonardo Club hotel in Eilat earlier today (October 5) and began firing indiscriminately at bystanders.

Within moments, anti-terror units converged on the assailant and killed him, although the shooter's bullets did kill one person.

COMMENT: Although motive and details are still sketchy, news media have reported that the gunman had previously worked at the hotel and apparently had a history with the man that he had killed.

Considering that hotels in Israel are familiar with dealing with emergency situations, most guests were ordered by intercom to remain in their guest rooms.
The hotel was at full occupancy because of the Jewish holiday of Sukkot.

This incident is a reminder that the world continues to be unpredictable and often perilous. Thus, it is essential that all travelers fully understand that there are no SAFE countries anywhere in today's world.

Therefore, people everywhere, whether a traveler or a resident, should always be prepared as to how to conduct themselves when a life-threatening emergency arises:

1. ALWAYS wear comfortable footwear that will enable you to move quickly;

2. Instinctively be observant of people around you and what they are doing;

3. ALWAYS carry a mobile phone for emergency situations and know the police emergency number in all countries you are traveling in;

4. Know the difference between cover and concealment: COVER is any place that will protect you from physical harm (e.g., a concrete wall), whereas CONCEALMENT will only obscure you from the view of others; it will not protect you from harm (e.g., a wooden door).

5. Learn CPR and basic first aid;

6. Always carry emergency medical information on your person or subscribe to

7. Realize that in today's world, hotels are places where increasingly life threatening emergencies can and do occur. Thus, always be prepared; 

8. Always think through in your mind what action you will take to protect yourself if an emergency situation occurs; and

9. Fully understand that not everyone you encounter on the street is normal and law-abiding.