Monday, October 29, 2012

Nepal: Baggage Handlers Fired in Kathmandu, Travelers Urged to "Carry-On" All Valuables

Security officials at Kathmandu's Tribhuvan International Airport said they are are carefully monitoring baggage handlers following a series of thefts of valuables from checked luggage transiting the Nepalese capital.

In recent months, five baggage handlers were arrested, charged and dismissed after stealing high-valued electronics from inbound checked luggage. 

COMMENT: The goods stolen from checked luggage included laptop computers, mobile phones and cameras. As a result,  baggage handlers and passengers are now being surveilled by CCTV. Additionally, plainclothes investigators have been deployed in baggage-handling areas.

ALL international travelers, regardless of destination, are STRONGLY URGED not to place laptops, iPads, electronic tablets, smart-phones and digital cameras in CHECKED luggage and to ensure they safeguard it in carry-on luggage that never leaves their hands.