Monday, October 22, 2012

Saipan: Judge Imposes Unprecedented $100,000 Cash Bail for Career Criminal

As a follow-up to my October 17 posting, Saipan Superior Court Associate Judge David A. Wiseman has imposed an unprecedented $100,000 cash bail for the temporary release of Michael Jordan Cabrera, 23, a career criminal who targeted a Chinese couple last week in Garapan.

In a hearing last week, Wiseman prohibited Cabrera from leaving Saipan and required him to surrender all travel documents. Judge Wiseman also ordered Cabrera not to have any contact with the victim and her husband or the witness, a teenage bystander who was instrumental in the suspect's arrest.

COMMENT: A preliminary hearing will be on held tomorrow (October 23). The victim,  a 26-year-old tourist, sustained a small bruise on the right shoulder caused by the strap of  her purse, which the suspect ripped from her in a snatch-and-grab tactic. 

The crime occurred in front of the Tun Kiku Building on Monday night (October 15).  

Street crime in Saipan has risen sharply in recent years as many of my previous postings will attest. Typically, criminals approach a target or targets from the rear and suddenly stun the victim by a forcible grab for their tote bag. In this case, the victim and her husband were nearly pulled to the ground.

It is presumed that the judge levied such a high cash bail amount to send a  powerful message to habitual offenders who contribute to the escalation of Saipan's crime rate.