Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Saipan: Local Bystander Helps Police Arrest Purse Snatcher

A local 18-year-old bystander came to the aid of a Chinese woman, 26, in Garapan on Monday night (October 15) when a local criminal, Michael Jordan Cabrera, 26, targeted a Chinese couple for a purse-snatching

Although the victim sustained minor injuries, the bystander helped the couple chase down the purse-snatcher and recover her wallet, which Cabrera had thrown into the street, hopeful he would be able to recover it later if he successfully escaped. The incident occurred at 2208 hours.

COMMENT: In August 2009, Cabrera was sentenced to a two-year prison term for burglary and violation of probation in a 2007 criminal conviction. In October 2011, Cabrera and two other men were arrested for allegedly robbing at knifepoint a man outside Town House in Chalan Kanoa.

Although Saipan is a popular tourist destination with a great deal to see and do, it is also small (twelve miles long and 5.6 miles wide) and dense, population wise. It is also a US territory. The local currency is the US dollar.

As most of our regular readers know, I have filed a good number of postings since 2011 regarding armed robberies, auto theft, larceny and assault of visitors to Saipan. Consequently, visitors to the island are urged to consider the following:

1. Be observant of suspicious persons close to them;

2. Avoid walking late at night in secluded areas. Taking a taxi at night is suggested rather than walking from one place to another;

3. Taxis tend to be very pricey, so it is recommended that visitors rent a car, but avoid parking them in secluded areas, as auto theft is a frequent occurrence. Do not leave valuables in a locked rental car in plain view;

4. I suggest all travelers carry a mobile phone in the event you become a crime victim; and

5. Don't carry a large amount of cash.