Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Analysis: It is Ludicrous That Top Cops in Illinois Want Driving Permits for Illegals

Any graduate-level political science major would find endless opportunities in the State of Illinois in terms of selecting prolific topics for theses and dissertations, particularly a current legislative push proposed yesterday (November 13) by top cops in Illinois advocating that a law be passed proscribing that "undocumented workers," AKA "illegals" or "criminals" be issued temporary driving permits.

Clearly, there must be a contaminant in the water system restricted to Illinois alone that would prompt chiefs of police, activists and Chicago hospitals to even propose that such a preposterous law be enacted that would turn the integrity of driving permits, albeit temporary, in the United States upside down. 

Fortunately, the topic of issuing Illinois driving permits to "illegal," has been brought before the State Assembly a number of times over the last 14 years, yet the last bill died in committee in 2007 despite having the support of Democrats and Republicans in both chambers.

I'm impressed that an Illinois legislator came up with the politically correct term "undocumented worker." Very creative.

Roughly speaking, a significant number of 250,000 "illegals" in Illinois, without a driving permit, drive without a license or automobile insurance every day, breaking yet other state laws for which they could be charged, as well as federal immigration statutes.

It has often been said that the United States is a country whose foundation is based on rule of law. Yet, the very fact that state law enforcement officers are proposing a law that would circumvent prevailing law seems to be nothing more than a collective departure from logic.  

Dennis Ryan, vice president of Holy Cross Hospital, told a press conference on Tuesday  that "undocumented immigrants," who drive without a license in Illinois are involved in around 80,000 accidents a year at a cost of $660 million, according to an industry study.

So? Why not enforce the federal and state statutes we already have on the books to punish people within our borders who seem to think that legal immigration avenues are for  OTHER PEOPLE.

Even Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran, whose suburban Chicago jurisdiction has a large Latino immigrant population, said that a third of the inmates in jail here are "undocumented immigrants" arrested for driving without a license. These arrests are “a waste of time and money,” the Republican lawman said. Is this not illogical?

What is so worrisome is that Lawrence Benito, executive director of the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, said that a bill is currently being prepared that already has bipartisan support in both chambers of the Assembly and that it could come up for a vote very soon.

Considering that President Obama barely won his second term thanks in part to the formidable Hispanic vote, my greatest fear is that eventually Illinois will prevail in its effort to issue driving permits to "illegals," thereby jeopardizing the integrity of ALL driving permits nationwide.

In the end, rule of law in the United States will slowly dissipate to the point the everyone is entitled to "everything," and we will cease to be nothing more than a really, really large developing country. 

Sadly, as the demographics of our once strong nation continue to change for the worse, our future will be in the hands of those with the most votes. As we know all too well, politicians will do almost ANYTHING for votes, even provide driving permits to those who break our laws.