Friday, November 23, 2012

Argentina: American Tourist Shot, Robbed Resisting Assailants on Walking Street

Details are very sketchy, but a US tourist was shot with non-life threatening injuries yesterday (November 22) and robbed by two assailants while exchanging money on Calle Florida, a pedestrianized shopping area in the capital of Buenos Aires.

The American was in the company of another tourist at the time; the incident happened during daylight hours.

The crime occurred in a shopping mall located at Florida 500, was purchasing dollars from a street vendor. 

COMMENT: It should be noted that had the victim NOT resisted the armed robbery, it is doubtful that injuries would have been sustained.

The tourist was promptly taken to Argerich Hospital in La Boca, while police officers eventually took the gunmen into custody on Maipú street.
Calle Florida is one of Buenos Aires’ top shopping streets where boutiques, leather shops, cafes, art galleries and restaurants abound. The street begins at the Plaza San Martín and runs south towards the famous Plaza de Mayo. Situated in the in the Microcentro district of Buenos Aires, Calle Florida is near many of Buenos Aires’ best hotels. 

There are numerous lessons to be learned from the above incident:

1. Buenos Aires is not a low-risk city when it comes to violent crime. My numerous postings on such events document this reality very well;

2. Tourists and travelers need to be prepared for injury or illness when they go abroad, which is why so many of my postings have emphasized the need to subscribe to international medical treatment and evacuation coverage. 

Without it, one could be faced  with having to pay for treatment FIRST, before being admitted;

3. NEVER exchange money on the street. Always do so in a bank or a monetary exchange inside of a building; and

4. As I have said in countless postings, NEVER resist an ARMED assailant, yet the victim in this case resorted to instinct rather than common sense. 

Fortunately, for the victim, his injuries were not serious, yet he easily could have been shot and killed except for being fortuitous.