Friday, November 23, 2012

Argentina: Update--Susana Freydoz Sentenced to 18 Years in Prison for Murder of Rio Negro Governor

As a follow-up to my February 3 posting, the wife of the late governor of  the province of Rio Negro, Susana Freydoz, was sentenced to 18 years in prison on Tuesday (November 20) for the murder of her late husband, former Governor Carlos Soría, 62, in the couple's home on January 1.

Soría, who had just been elected governor late in 2011, after authorities determined that he died of a single bullet wound to the head, fired from his own handgun by his wife, Susana.
Considering that only Soría and Freydoz were in the bedroom at the time, Freydoz was the only suspect.

Soría led the province's Peronist Justicialist Party and won election by a wide margin in October, displacing the Radical Party that had long controlled the province. Soría was succeeded by his vice-governor, Alberto Weretilneck, who has been described as being closer to President Cristina Fernandez and her ruling Front for Victory than was Soría.
Soría's son, Martin, who replaced him as mayor of General Roca, made no immediate statement about his father's death. The couple also had three other children: German, Carlos and Emilia. 

COMMENT: Although Prosecutor Laura Peréz had requested life in prison for Freydoz, the couple's frequent arguments in recent years, fueled predominantly by the defendant's obsessive jealousy, led the Court to rule on a lesser sentence. 

From the standpoint of heading off irreversible violent endings and the long term turmoil created when one parent shoots another, it is far better for couples in conflict to seek out counseling, mediation and even divorce before producing a crisis result as seen in this case.