Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Belize: American Expat, 52, Shot, Killed in Residence in Ambergris Caye

Although details are very sketchy at this point, local media in Belize is reporting that Greg Faull, 52, an American expat from Florida, was shot and killed in his residence in Ambergris Caye on Sunday (November 11). His body was found by his housekeeper at 0700 hours.

COMMENT: According to local police, Mr. Faull was found in his residence's hallway and was last seen alive at 2200 hours on November 10.

Faull lived alone and was said to have recently retired to the Caye. There were no signs of forced entry; the only items missing were his laptop computer and an iPhone. One 9mm expended casing was found at the stairs leading up to an upper apartment. 

The cursory facts reported thus far suggest that Faull's assailant may have been known to him, considering that he was shot from behind.

Initial facts suggest that this shooting might well have stemmed from a business dispute.

Additional information will be provided to our readers as updated information becomes available.