Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Belize: Where is the Autopsy Report on Greg Faull?

As a follow-up to my postings of November 13 and 15, concerning the November 12 murder of American expat Greg Faull, 52, who was shot and killed [from behind] in his home with a single 9mm bullet, why have Belizean police not released the autopsy report of a decedent violently killed eight days ago? 

Unfortunately, Internet security pioneer, John McAfee, 67, who lives in Belize and was a neighbor of Faull's, is still being sought by local police, considering that Faull and McAfee had argued in the past, ostensibly over McAfee's large number of barking dogs.

Apart from police wanting to interview McAfee, a rich eccentric, simply to rule McAfee in or out of the investigation, there are far too many questions related to the reclusive American expat that remain unanswered:

1. What did the autopsy report reveal?

2. Were there any latent prints on the shell casing that was ejected from the pistol that shot him?

3. Was the crime scene in Faull's home searched for physical evidence? For example, where is the expended 9mm bullet that went through the back of Mr. Faull's head?

4. Was there any evidence in the house that might lead investigators to conclude that Faull's assailant was invited into the home by Faull? Or, conversely, was there evidence of forced entry?

5. Why have McAfee's bodyguards not been interviewed to determine McAfee's whereabouts or to develop leads in Faull's murder?

6. Have McAfee's bodyguards been issued police licenses to carry displayed or concealed firearms? If not, the failure of private bodyguards to carry firearms could be used as leverage by the police.

COMMENT: Although it may be reasonable for McAfee to remain in hiding for fear that he might be charged in Faull's murder, the bottom line is that the longer he remains a fugitive, the more culpable McAfee may appear. 

What is know is that four of McAfee's eleven dogs were fatally poisoned on Friday (November 9), two days before Faull was shot and killed.

Although residents of Ambergris Caye and others characterize McAfee as reclusive and impulsive, what is known is that McAfee has resided on the Caye for the last four years, almost always in the company of armed bodyguards.

What may add credence to McAfee being considered a "person of interest" in the Faull murder is the fact that McAfee is known to be one who is never far from semi-auto pistols and long guns.

It seems apparent that given McAfee's refusal to surrender himself to local police so that he can be interviewed, coupled with the fact that he has been known to possess semi-auto pistols, it seems logical that a minimum, the police could obtain a search warrant to execute at his residence in the hope of developing leads in the case.

There are also indications that McAfee has a pending case against him for possession of illegal firearms; police previously suspected him of running a lab to make illicit synthetic drugs.