Friday, November 30, 2012

Botswana: Big Game Hunting To Be Banned in 2014

According to a statement announced by the Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism yesterday (November 29), President Ian Khama has announced that big-game hunting will be banned in 2014, given the significant reductions of large animal wildlife herds.  

The Ministry qualified, though, that hunts by local communities and those with special hunting licenses would still be allowed.
COMMENT: It is unknown as to what economic impact the elimination of big-game hunting in Botswana will have on foreign currency generation.

After thorough research, it has been determined that it is not licensed hunts that have caused wildlife herds to drop so dramatically, but rather domestic poachers who slay animals for food as well as transnational syndicates who have the greatest impact on dwindling herds.

Time will only tell whether permitting the government to issue "special hunting licenses" domestically will bolster wildlife herds.

In actuality, transnational poachers using hi-tech equipment will no doubt continue to out-maneuver governmental anti-poaching units that do not have the resources and funds to counter their efforts.