Tuesday, November 27, 2012

California: Youthful Offenders Increasingly Pose Risk to Seniors, New Courses Offered

One observation I've made of late is that violent offenders are getting younger and younger. Perhaps this is attributed to the global recession or simply the fact that a growing percentage of the population feels entitled to take what they want, albeit by force.

I have always been the type of person who is a bit of a "detail junkie," only because details really do matter, as you will see in this case.

Permit me to introduce Kaviar King, 14 years of age, who was arrested in Vallejo, CA on November 15, for allegedly kidnapping a 65-year-old victim at gunpoint in the parking lot of the Gateway Plaza shopping center in Vallejo. The assailant then forced the victim to drive to a location where he sexually assaulted her. He later stole the victim's minivan. 

COMMENT: Police investigators later found the victim alive bound in a ditch.

Interestingly, police also found a replica handgun that was used to to execute his crimes, which include attempted murder, torture, kidnapping, carjacking, rape and various offenses related to sexual assault. Fortunately, this 14-year-old will be tried as an adult.

What is most important in this case is the fact that the assailant perpetrated this array of violent crimes by using what essentially was a replica and not a functional firearm. 

It is clear that seniors today, both tourists and residents alike, are often not familiar enough with firearms to determine whether they are actually functional.

In point of fact, many citizens are fearful of firearms and cannot differentiate between a functional firearm and a replica, which is why I've designed three different one-hour courses for different criminal threats entitled VIOLENT CRIME PREVENTION: SOLUTIONS AND ANSWERS FOR SENIORS, which will be offered to senior groups on a global level beginning in February 2013, either as a distant-learning webinar OR as a traditional face-to-face workshop. For information and a program brochure, please contact me at: ed@sbrisksolutions.com