Sunday, November 11, 2012

Chile: Three European Hikers Still Missing, Despite Exhaustive Search Near Villarica

Despite a three-day search for three European hikers who disappeared on Thursday (November 8) while hiking near one of Chile's most active volcanos (Villarica), the whereabouts of the three men remain unknown.
The missing hikers include Dmitry Sivenkov, 32, of RussiaGillhem Bellon, 25, of France; and Luca Ogliengo, 25, of Italy. Ogliengo's family has rented a private helicopter to help in the search. 
COMMENT: The three men have not been heard from since Wednesday (November 7),  when one of them called his girlfriend, who lives in the nearby community of Pucón.
Unfortunately, the three men were not equipped for overnight hiking. In recent days, the temperature has plunged, which included the onset of heavy snow, which may obliterate their tracks.
In the meantime, the search continues.

As I have noted in previous postings in the past, hikers in any mountainous region need to be equipped for the worst, which should ideally include one member of the group carrying a personal locator beacon (PLB). At US$200-400, such beacons have saved over 15,000 lives and can significantly help searchers find those in distress before it is too late.


This posting will be updated as new information becomes available.