Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Global Impact: Associated Press (AP) Releases First-Ever Spanish Stylebook

COMMENT: Spanish-language journalists, editors and writers can now learn that the correct word for channel-surfing is "zapeo," sexting is best written in their language as "sextear," ''submarino" is an accepted term for waterboarding and Thanksgiving day is accurately translated as "Dia de Accion de Gracias," according to the first-ever release of a Spanish language stylebook by The Associated Press.

Considering that 450 million people around the globe speak Spanish, the first-of-it-kind stylebook is long overdue.
The Spanish Stylebook currently has more than 3,500 entries on topics including finance, sports, entertainment and fashion.
The original AP SYLEBOOK in English, which first came out in 1953, has long been the gold standard of style reference books in the journalism industry, with paperback copies still commonly scattered around the newsrooms of media outlets in the United States and the world. Now also online, the English Stylebook is more than just a collection of rules and has been described as part dictionary, part encyclopedia and part textbook for writers and editors.
With 486 pages containing 4,825 entries, the English-language version of the AP STYLEBOOK is recognized worldwide as an essential reference for good writing. AP editors said the SPANISH STYLEBOOK aims to unify standards for that language in order to improve communication among speakers of the language worldwide.

Inasmuch as the Spanish Stylebook is on-line, up-dating will be in real-time.
The Spanish-language online guide, which includes a chapter on the AP's journalistic principles, is now being offered only to clients of the AP's Spanish news service, but will be available for others early next year. The cost is $26 a year for an individual subscription and $210 a year for a license of up to 10 people, an introductory rate which is one third of the regular price.
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