Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Honduras: Cuban-Born Engineer Murdered by Gunmen, Ostensibly Because He Refused to Pay Protection Money

According to EFE, Israel Antonio Labrado, a Cuban-born engineer who worked for a sugar company in the northern province of Yoro was murdered on Sunday (November 25), by two gunmen at his home in La Guacamaya, just 24 miles from San Pedro Sula, the most violent city in the world in 2011.

Police suspect that Labrado, who also ran a home-based business, may have been murdered because he refused to pay protection money to one of the many gangs that regularly extort money from local businesspeople.

COMMENT: Regarding the murder of Mr. Labrado, by living in the shadows of San Pedro Sula, he would have been well-advised to pay protection money to local gangs, considering that Honduras borders on being a lawless society.

Those visiting Honduras are reminded that roughly 15% of all crimes in the country result in an arrest.

According to the México-based Civic Council on Public Security and Criminal Justice, San Pedro Sula, with a population of 719,000, had a murder rate of 159 per 100,000 population in 2011, rendering it the most violent city in the world. 

Surprisingly, San Pedro Sula's homicide rate even surpassed the Mexican border town of Ciudad Juaréz with a murder rate of 148 per 100,000.

Honduras’s 2011 homicide rate of 92 murders per 100,000 people was one of the highest in the world, according to the United Nations. About 18 violent deaths occur in the Central American country daily, according to figures compiled by the National Police and human rights groups. 

Interestingly, five of the world's ten most murderous cities last year were in México; 45 of 50 were in the Western Hemisphere. Other Mexican cities in the top 10 included Acapulco, with 128 killings per 100,000 residents, Torreón (88), Chihuahua (83) and Durango (80).

Although the United States is typically is perceived as being one of the most violent countries on Earth, in actuality, only four US cities are ranked among the world's 50 most violent cities:  New Orleans (57) homicides per 100,000 residents), Detroit (48), St. Louis (35) and Baltimore (31).

Nationwide, Honduras is rated as the most dangerous country in the world,   with 82 killings per 100,000 inhabitants. It was followed by El Salvador (66) and Jamaica (52), largely because of population density.

Even though Honduras is rated as having the highest homicide rate in the world, it is possible for tourists and travelers to have an uneventful visit, PROVIDING that they DON'T RESIST criminals' demands and give them what they want.

Those that DO resist are almost universally killed without hesitation.