Thursday, November 15, 2012

India: Dutchwoman, 34, Injured, Robbed, Pushed from Moving Train

Flair de Noozle, 34, a Dutch tourist, was traveling to Amritsar on the night train on November 12, in northern India when she needed to use the restroom. 

Upon exiting the toilet, an unidentified man pushed her from the train as it was moving and jumped after her at which point her assailant removed a "fanny-pack" from the now unconscious Ms. Noozle, which contained her passport, ATM and credit cards, cash, an iPod and other valuables. 

COMMENT: Responding police promptly took the unconscious tourist to a local clinic where she was treated on Monday and released yesterday (November 14). 

For the benefit of our readers, I have never been fond of "fanny-packs," because they almost invariably and perceived as carrying wallets, passports, money and credit cards. Also, "fanny packs" worn on one's backside make it easy for valuables to be covertly removed without their knowledge.

Alternatively, I much prefer a small day-pack which could contain anything from the mundane to a concealed water bottle, camera, wallet, cash, credit cards and the like.

This is also a good opportunity for me to emphasize again that ALL tourists and travelers should not go abroad until they have subscribed to international medical treatment and evacuation coverage.

If travelers do not have such coverage, it cannot be obtained after your departure abroad, which means that any injuries or illnesses that require emergency medical care will have to be paid for in advance before medical staff will treat them.