Monday, November 26, 2012

Macau: Tourist Bus Collides Into Building After Brakes Fail, 22 Injured

According to The Macau Daily Times, a tourist bus carrying 37 people ran into a closed building near St. Anthony’s Church yesterday morning (November 25) leaving 22 casualties, including the driver.  The incident occurred at 1100 hours.

According to the driver’s statement, the brakes on the tour bus failed, forcing him to drive the bus into the closed building. The only other alternative would have been to hit a public bus stop with waiting passengers. 

COMMENT: Fortunately, most of the passengers were able to get off the bus by themselves to wait for medical assistance while the driver was removed from the vehicle with the help of fire fighters. 

Injuries were minimized when the tour guide directed the passengers to prepare for the collision. 

The driver later successfully passed a Breathalyzer test and should be commended for choosing a collision point that it would not cause harm to others.

As most of our regular readers know all too well, unsafe tour buses are one of my biggest concerns where the welfare of tourists and travelers are concerned.

Although it is difficult for passengers to evaluate the safety of any tour bus that has been arranged for their travel abroad, it is essential that all travelers subscribe to international medical treatment and evacuation coverage before they leave home, otherwise they may be forced to pay for their care before being treated. Such coverage usually runs less than $10 a day.