Sunday, November 4, 2012

México: South Korean Firm Closed by Government After Korean Supervisor Attacks Local Employee

According to The Latin American Tribune, Sam Won México, a South Korean multinational operating in the state of  Queretaro was closed by the Mexican government two weeks after a Mexican worker, age 23,  was physically attacked by his Korean supervisor.

COMMENT: Sam Won México is a major supplier to Korean electronics firm Samsung.

In an October 17 altercation captured on video, South Korean supervisor Kim Jaeoak shook 23-year-old Jorge Alberto Zamora and struck him several times after kicking him in the face and chest with martial-arts kicks. Zamora was fired days later.

The video was posted on the Internet and aroused indignation in Queretaro and throughout México.

Zamora subsequently filed an assault charge against Kim.

Economy Secretary Bruno Ferrari said Thursday (October 31) that Mexican authorities will not tolerate “attitudes that infringe on the dignity and safety of workers.” 

The incident was also criticized by the Queretaro government, the South Korean Embassy in Mexico City and Samsung Electronics México. Sam Won and Samsung Electronics Mexico also offered a public apology to the affected worker and his family.

A total of 38 South Korean firms operate in Queretaro, employing some 12,000 people.

This incident is an excellent example of the organizational ramifications that can result when the supervisors of multinational companies fail to comply with foreign labor laws.