Monday, November 26, 2012

Philippines: Former Marine, Dependent of US Diplomat Stabbed to Death in Makati

According to The Global Nation,  a 41-year-old former US Marine and a dependent of a US diplomat, tragically died on Saturday morning (November 24) after he was physically attacked and fatally stabbed for simply tapping on the exterior of a Volvo driven by four young men and correcting the occupants that they could not use the residential compound as a short-cut.

The assailants subsequently exited the vehicle and attacked the American after he tapped on the vehicle as a non-verbal indicator that they were not following checkpoint procedures.
Makati police said the four men in the Volvo (TOJ 886) were being checked by a security guard at the gate of Rockwell Center along Kalayaan Avenue when the American, who  appeared to be intoxicated, broke into the conversation and ordered them to present their identification to the guard.
According to a security guard posted at the residential compound, the American tapped on the Volvo only when the driver attempted to move forward into the compound, ignoring the guard's instruction.

A bloodstained tactical knife was found on the front passenger seat of the suspects’ vehicle.

COMMENT: Considering that the American challenged the machismo of the Filipinos in the Volvo, factoring into the equation that many young Filipinos carry knives, it probably would have been much more prudent of the American dependent to leave the guards to performing their duties and not interfere.

In the end, whether the assailants in the vehicle entered the compound or not, was not worth the American dependent's life, nor was it his responsibility.

It is unknown as to how long the victim had been in the Philippines, but it is common knowledge that striking the car of another person is usually interpreted as a threat.
By Saturday night, the assailants had been taken into custody and identified as Juan Alfonzo Abastilla, 24; Crispin dela Paz, 28; Osric Cabrera, 27; and Galicano Datu III, 22. All have been charged with murder, considering that they chased the American in order to kill him.  

Abastilla, Dela Paz, and Cabrera are profiled as businessmen living in Makati while Datu is a student of De la Salle University in Manila. The four are believed to be from well-to-do families.

Although the American victim was rushed to a local hospital after being stabbed, he was later pronounced dead.

This incident will be updated as new information becomes available, particularly as it relates to the prosecution of the assailants.