Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thailand: Tourist, 66, Drugged, Robbed After Taking Prostitute to His Room in Pattaya

Whenever a sixty-something tourist coincidentally meets a young prostitute at an ATM in a high-risk tourist destination such as Pattaya, it is almost never a coincidence.

On the morning of October 28, a Thai prostitute in her 30s struck up a conversation with an elderly tourist, 66, as he withdrew cash from an ATM. 

Needless to say, this should have been a "clue" to the tourist that the day was not going to end well, which turned out to be the case, depending, of course, on what the word "ending" actually means...and for whom.

The tourist's name and nationality will be omitted from this posting for obvious reasons, as he was later found naked and dazed in his guest room by a friend who fortunately stopped by to see him.

COMMENT: Unfortunately for the tourist, once he emerged from his stupor, he soon realized that 100,000 baht (US$3,257) and 12,000 euros (US$15,283) was missing from the room safe of his guest room. We wish him well in his effort to recover such a large sum of money from hotel management.

As most of our regular readers know all too well, I strongly and vigorously recommend AGAINST tourists using IN-ROOM safes, largely because they almost invariably have a "back-door" for guests who forget the combination. 

Also, for those  who regularly drug and rob victims, they no doubt have learned the skills as to how to circumvent such devices.

I also strongly urge tourists and travelers to book themselves into a hotel property that has a two-key safe deposit box system in the lobby, which is infinitely more secure than in-room safes, as the lobby safe deposit boxes can only be opened if the guest's key is used simultaneously.

One of the biggest mistakes the tourist in this case made was having nearly US$18,000 in hand, as most hotel rooms in Thailand generally include warnings that the "management is not responsible for any losses of personal property on premises."

Additionally, there are few places in the world where the central government goes out of its way to make ATMs readily available almost everywhere. Thailand is one of these places, so actually there is no justifiable reason to be lugging US$18,000 around.

It should also be noted that hotel properties that have three-stars or less rarely invest in high-quality CCTV surveillance equipment, as was the case in this incident. Although the equipment did capture the prostitute on video, it was so grainy and of poor quality, it could hardly be used as evidence.

I also recommend against tourists and travelers using their  own hotel or apartment to seek out sexual favors from strangers. This is NEVER a good idea because of the risk of being drugged and robbed of all valuables.

The advantage of renting rooms chosen by the traveler is control, albeit a bit more expensive. Yet, this is a nominal cost when compared to losing everything you own in your hotel room.

Finally, when seeking sexual favors from total strangers, totally control what you drink or consume, otherwise you run the risk of being drugged, which can also include the use of date-rape drugs, which are regularly used by prostitutes of all persuasions.