Tuesday, November 20, 2012

UAE: Missing British Sailor's Disappearance in Dubai May 2012 Remains Puzzling

As a follow-up to my postings of June 2 and August 3, the disappearance on May 27, 2012, of British Royal Navy seaman Timmy MacColl, 27, after his shipmates paid a Dubai taxi driver in advance to take him back to his ship, the HMS Westminster, continues to be one of the most baffling disappearances ever.  

One of the few facts that has been confirmed is that MacColl was never logged aboard the Westminster.

What is most disconcerting is that neither the Royal Navy or the Dubai police have developed one useful lead as to what happened to the married father of three. Note: His wife, Rachael, 25, delivered the couple's third child, Eriskay, just last month.

Navy divers have also extensively searched the waters surrounding Port Rashid, in addition to police canvassing the area outside the Rock Bottom Cafe, where MacColl's shipmates placed him into a taxi and directed the driver to take him back to the Westminster.

COMMENT: Even though I have found or recovered missing persons in a number of countries, this case is truly puzzling, unless authorities may have missed possible motives or leads that may have been overlooked.

Nagging questions for which there are no answers include:

1. Has the driver that presumably transported MacColl to the Westminster been interviewed? 

2. Has the driver executed a sworn statement? 

3. Has the driver shown investigators exactly where he dropped the sailor off upon reaching the Westminster? 

4. Have all persons in the vicinity of the Westminster been interviewed who might have seen MacColl dropped off?

5. Have sworn statements from the sailors who knew him best and who were involved in placing him in a taxi destined for the Westminster been obtained?

6. Has the Royal Navy been provided a detailed report of every lead that was pursued after MacColl's disappearance?

7. Has the Royal Navy been provided a list of ALL persons interviewed by the Dubai police?

8. Has the Dubai police been provided a list of ALL persons interviewed by the Royal Navy?

9. Has the Dubai police been able to interview MacColl's shipmates who knew the sailor well?

10. Seemingly, it appears that the Royal Navy and the Dubai police have conducted separate inquiries, yet it has not been confirmed that they have JOINTLY investigated MacColl's disappearance, ensuring that all possible leads have been thoroughly explored.

11. Was Seaman MacColl's photograph used in pursuing ALL leads conducted by the Royal Navy and the Dubai police?

The tragic aspect in Seaman MacColl's disappearance is that no one who has investigated or looked into what happened to him can confirm or rule out whether he is dead or alive or even what the motive was for his disappearance.

People don't just disappear without a trace. Physical evidence or someone always remembers what happened to them. The hard part is that the people that know what happened to him have NOT been interviewed.

No one who is loved by their immediate family deserves to be tormented for the rest of their lives never knowing what misfortune they had to endure.