Monday, December 31, 2012

Afghanistan: Pregnant American Woman, 27, Canadian Husband Missing Since October 2012

According to The Associated Press (AP), James Coleman, father of American citizen Caitlan Coleman, 27, has told the AP that Caitlan was traveling with her Canadian husband, Josh, when she vanished in early October 2012 in Afghanistan.

The last communication came from Caitlan's husband, Josh, who said he was in an Internet cafe on October 8, 2012, in what the woman's father described as an "unsafe" part of Afghanistan. Caitlin was due to give birth in January 2013.

Strangely, James Coleman referred to his son-in-law only as Josh, so as t0 protect his privacy.  He told AP that he was going public with his daughter's disappearance in the hope of finding her.

COMMENT: In point of fact, all of Afghanistan is unsafe. 

According to James Coleman, an unnamed Afghan official claimed that the couple had been kidnapped in Wardak province without providing any details or evidence.

To date, no insurgent group, including the Taliban, or kidnappers have claimed responsibility for abducting the young couple nor has any group demanded a ransom.  

The only confirmation that the US Embassy in Kabul has made is that it has made contact with the Coleman family and briefed the Canadian Embassy on what information they have.

Reportedly, the couple began in July 2012 traveling to Russia, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan before entering Afghanistan, which seems to be strange behavior for a young pregnant woman in need of periodic prenatal  care and treatment, not to mention the harsh weather and living conditions not conducive for an expectant mother.
Last year a German tourist was killed while traveling through central Afghanistan and a Canadian tourist was kidnapped not far from where Caitlan and her husband were last heard from.

Although James Coleman believes that his daughter and son-in-law were interested in seeking employment with a humanitarian agency, it is imprudent to believe that they could be an effective working tandem couple, given her expecting a child next month.

This report will be updated as new information becomes available.

It is unknown as to when James Coleman brought the US and Canadian embassies into the picture, but clearly it was not soon enough, as so much of what goes on in Afghanistan is beyond the reach of diplomatic missions.