Friday, December 21, 2012

Bahamas: Assailants Using Taser to Rob Tourists on Multiple Occasions in Nassau

Violent economic crime continues to rise in Nassau. In recent weeks, two criminals have been charged with multiple counts of armed robbery after using a taser on victims.

Stephen Greene, 20, of Gamble Heights, and Anthony Greene, 19, of Flamingo Gardens, have been remanded until at least May 15, 2013, after being charged with armed robbery. 

They are both accused of breaking into the Wyndham Nassau Resort guest room of Jospeh Martino on November 11 and stealing $11,000 in travelers checks and two Rolex watches, using a taser to rob Jeremy Hughes of $60 on November 20, and accused of using a Taser to rob Kate Szafran of a $5,000 Chanel watch on the same day.

The men were also charged with the December 13th armed robbery of Michael Kowalski. Police said they used a knife to steal Kowalski’s iPod and $40.

COMMENT: Taser use in conjunction with armed robbery has been increasing for some time, which is why I strongly recommend that tourists and travelers use hotel lobby, two-key safe deposit boxes if they are available.

Additionally, visitors should ensure that the personal effects they travel with are protected by residential insurance, particularly high-value items.

Travelers are also urged to ensure they obtain a copy of the police report prepared by local police so as to file insurance claim upon their return home.

Prudent travelers will AVOID taking high-value property on a foreign trip to begin with.

Armed robbery on the streets of Nassau also do occur.