Monday, December 3, 2012

Belize: John McAfee's Smokescreen Renders Greg Faull's Murder Investigation a Farce

Sadly, the accurate facts surrounding the November 11, 2012, shooting murder of American expatriate Greg Faull, 53, in Ambergris Caye from a single 9mm bullet which entered the back of his head are indisputable.

Now, nearly a month since Mr. Faull was murdered, we are no closer to determining what John McAfee, 67, knew about the time-line before and after Faull's death than we were on November 11.

COMMENT: After a career as a Federal criminal investigator, the plaguing question is why have Belizean authorities not searched McAfee's home nor issued an arrest warrant in his name, given his demonstrated and prolonged efforts to avoid talking with local police.

Why would a person who is truly innocent consume so much energy to avoid talking to the police? 

The sad part in this endless charade is that McAfee's behavior and conduct since November 11, gives validity to the fact that the former Internet security pioneer is actually a very impulsive, melodramatic, elusive person whose mental health must now be be placed into question.

Does John McAfee really believe that he will be killed by Belizean police, and if so, for what reason? 

Does he not realize that the longer he avoids talking to the police about where he was prior to and following Greg Faull's murder, the greater the likelihood that police eventually will conclude that McAfee is much more of a suspect than a person of interest? 

Belizean officials are not buying John McAfee’s latest colorful tale, this one about his daring attempted escape from the Central American country with the help of a “double” and a false North Korean passport.

To make matters worse, McAfee is now reportedly blogging up a storm, or perhaps by someone purporting to be McAfee, suggesting that he has left Belize using a North Korean passport.
Raphael Martinéz, spokesperson for Belize’s National Security Ministry, told ABC News today that no one by McAfee’s name or physical description was ever detained leaving the country. Clearly,  Belizean security officials believe the American is still in their country, along with his 20-year-old girlfriend.

Surely, McAfee is smart enough to realize that Belizean police will know if the eccentric American attempts to leave the country, either in his own name or the name of someone else, as he is as well-known as the Coca-Cola logo.
After hearing some of McAfee’s public statements in the early days as a fugitive, even  Belizean Prime Minister Dean Barrow described the former as “extremely paranoid” and “bonkers.”

While Mr. McAfee's ego and narcissistic personality is no doubt being fully stroked by his renewed notoriety, the simple truth is that the game that he seems to be playing with everyone is simply denying justice to Mr. Faull's family and children.

In the meantime,  the real murderer has had more than ample time to escape or go underground. Congratulations, Mr. McAfee, wherever you are.