Saturday, December 1, 2012

Caribbean: US Citizen, 42, Disappears From Holland America's "Eurodam"

A US cruise-ship passenger by the name of Jason Gregory Rappe, 42, of Olympia, WA, was reported missing by his wife from the Holland America cruises-ship, Eurodam, on Thursday (November 29). 

Two ships and an aircraft took part in the second day of the search, which was centered some 85 miles (137 kilometers) northwest of Puerto Rico.
COMMENT: The "Eurodam" was traveling from St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands to the Bahamas when Rappe was reported missing. 

The ship initially turned around to search in the area, but has since returned to its port-of-call plan. It is scheduled to return to Fort Lauderdale, FL, today (December 1).

As I have noted in other postings, ten to fifteen years ago, passenger disappearances from cruise-ships was a rare occurrence, however, as the passenger density aboard cruise-ships have risen dramatically, such events are increasingly commonplace.

It is essential that family or friends traveling aboard cruise-ships stay in very close touch with each other and drink in moderation as many passengers falling overboard have been attributed to alcohol impairment.