Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Central America: Little Movement on Murder Investigation of Gregg Faull

According to John McAfee's daily blog,  factoring in his propensity to take editorial license with prevailing facts, effective 0107 hours today (December 12), Guatemala City time, "a Guatemalan judge has just ruled that Mr. McAfee was detained illegally. Mr. McAfee will be released from detention tomorrow morning. It is believed he will be allowed to return to the United States. Good news."


The blog entry does not clarify whether "tomorrow" means Wednesday [today] or and Thursday [December 13].

COMMENT: Considering that Guatemalan authorities claim that Mr. McAfee entered Guatemala illegally, presumably he should be deported back to Belize, where he is wanted in connection with the November 11 murder of McAfee's neighbor, Greg Faull, 53.

Yet, even though Belizean authorities have described McAfee as "a person of interest," why did they not execute a search warrant at the American's home while he was still in Belize?

If McAfee was being sought country-wide in connection with Faull's murder, why didn't the Belizeans make a concerted effort to pick him up for questioning?

If the Belizeans did not consider McAfee as a prime suspect in the Faull homicide, then he should be permitted to return to the US and get on with his life.

Now, here's the interesting part that directly effects the status of the Belizeans' progress in the Greg Faull investigation:
  • Belizean authorities have released NO information concerning the results of the autopsy report pertaining to Mr. Faull;
  • Belizean authorities have released no information concerning physical evidence collected at the Faull crime scene that might shed light on who might have been culpable in the American's death;
  • Belizean authorities have released NO information as to other suspects they may have examined in connection with Mr. Faull's shooting death; and
  • Belizean authorities have reportedly issued NO search or arrest warrants in McAfee's name, suggesting that he is not a prime suspect after all in Faull's murder of November 11.
It is clear that Belizean authorities dropped the ball in a very large way in their effort to investigate and prove who murdered Mr. Faull.

Tragically, Mr. Faull's family members may never know who shot and killed  him and can thank Belizean authorities for botching the case up beyond repair.

Of course, had Mr. McAfee not commandeered the headlines in Belize and made all news about the investigation about him, the Belizeans might well have been able to seriously investigate who actually killed Greg Faull. 

Yet, Mr. McAfee's dominance of the news in Belize made that virtually impossible.

Unfortunately, it is entirely possible that Mr. Faull's murderer may never see the inside of a prison cell, denying his family closure, and offering Belizean coffee shops endless "buzz" for years to come unabated.