Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Central America: Update--John McAfee Press Coverage Is Dwarfing Faull Murder Investigation

As a follow-up to my December 3 posting, entitled "Belize: John McAfee's Smokescreen Renders Greg Faull's Murder Investigation a Farce," and my previous postings of 11/13, 11/15, 11/20, 11/23 and 11/29, eccentric, media-junkie and the unpredictable John McAfee, 67, slipped into Guatemala on December 3, after Belizean authorities failed to locate him after an exhaustive three-week search, albeit half-hearted.

Not bad for a senior citizen approaching 70.

Ever since the November 11 murder of American expatriate Greg Faull, 53, who was shot and killed by someone in his home at Ambergris Caye, who shot the former Floridian from behind with a single 9mm bullet, the Belizean government has been inept, if not incompetent, to bring in a well-known American [McAfee] neighbor of Faull's, who had an ongoing dispute with the victim. Sleuths would call such individuals a "person of interest."

Surprise, surprise, yesterday the elusive McAfee crossed over into Guatemala, profusely embarrassing the Belizeans. Surely they had alerted Guatemalan immigration that McAfee might be headed their way? Why not issue an arrest warrant for McAfee when there was sufficient probable cause to do so?

Sadly, the questions have become endless in this case. One of the most puzzling questions is: Did the Belizeans really want to interview McAfee? 

After entering Guatemala, The Associated Press (AP) was able to interview Mr. McAfee who contends that he has been persecuted by the Belizean government. How is that even possible, considering that Belmopan has never spoken with McAfee or filed any legal documents against him?   

McAfee told the AP that he will petition the Guatemalan government to permit him to stay, stating that he fears he will be killed if he turns himself in for questioning in Belize.
Faull's residence was a couple of houses down from the compound where McAfee kept upwards of a dozen barking dogs, four of whom were fatally poisoned two days before Faull was murdered.
COMMENT: Having been directly involved in countless political refugee cases while at the US State Department, I find it puzzling how the the Guatemalan government could even begin to seriously entertain an application for exile from him, when he has had virtually no contact with the Belizean government and is not even a wanted man in Belize, which demonstrates how easy it was for him to travel into Guatemala. 
If he were truly wanted, he would have been arrested when he attempted to enter Guatemala.

Then again, the Belizeans no doubt were probably ecstatic that Mr. McAfee is no longer on Belizean soil. 

As the title of this posting so ably illustrates, the sad part of Mr. Faull's murder is that the media frenzy generated by John McAfee has pushed the search for Faull's assailant to the back of most newspapers.

In fact, the murder of Greg Faull is now virtually so incidental that no one is even asking questions anymore as to who actually killed the American.
Even though presumably the Belizeans completed their autopsy of Mr. Faull's remains weeks ago, there has been NO announcement of the preliminary findings stemming from the autopsy. 
McAfee had earlier said he didn't plan to leave Belize, but ultimately did so because he feared that his girlfriend, Samantha Vanegas, 20, could be put in jeopardy. 

McAfee reportedly told The New York Times in 2009, that he had lost all but $4 million of his $100 million fortune in the US financial crisis, yet where McAfee is concerned, it is often a challenge to determine fact from fiction, as he known to be an imaginative "player to the crowd."