Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Egypt: Update--Five Germans,Three Egyptians Killed in Road Collision in Hurghada

As a follow-up to my December 2 posting, entitled "Egypt: Five German Tourists, Two Egyptians Killed in Two-Vehicle Collision Near Red Sea Resort," we must correct our earlier posting and state that the five Germans were not tourists, but rather a flight crew en-route to the airport for an outbound flight from Hurghada.

According to Egypt's state-run news agency, MENA, five German nationals who represented a commercial airline crew and three Egyptians were killed in a two-vehicle collision which occurred south of the Red Sea resort town of Hurghada on Sunday, December 2.

The collision occurred while the crew was en-route to the airport early on Sunday morning when the mini-van the crew was traveling in entered a main road and crashed into a passing tourist van that presumable had the right-of-way.

Another member of the German crew was also injured in the incident.

Both drivers of the two vehicles were killed.

COMMENT: As I have pointed out on numerous occasions in the past, Egypt has one of the worst fatal accident rates in the world, which is why I have often urged that global employers take great steps to thoroughly screen transportation providers in terms of their record of accidents and driver competency, particularly in light of the fact that traffic enforcement in Egypt is particularly lax.

Based upon a thorough investigation of the accident, the airline involved should perhaps re-compete their transport provider.