Thursday, December 13, 2012

Florida: Collier County Consciously Chooses to End Red Light Cameras

Generally speaking, global views on most issues vary dramatically. Yet, one of the few areas where motorists worldwide can agree completely is the use of video cameras at traffic signals that result in drivers being sent a ticket by mail.

Happily, the commissioners of Collier County, FL voted 3-2 on Wednesday (December 12) to end the use of red light video cameras.  

The devices have stirred controversy and generated class action lawsuits since ticketing began at ten county intersections on April 30, 2009. 

Though opinion on the board of commissioners was divided on the wisdom of continuing the program, city officials were unanimous in demanding an increase in the duration of the yellow lights at intersections, considering that there is no evidence that supports the continued use of red light cameras.

COMMENT: The commissioners voted to direct city staff to produce a report by the first board meeting in February 2013, documenting efforts to improve safety with longer yellow lights.

It is safe to say that red light video cameras annoy global motorists everywhere, regardless of nationality, largely because there is no evidence to support their use in making the roads safer. 

Notwithstanding, because of traffic grid-lock, it generally takes much, much longer to drive anywhere, adding to motorists' frustration.

Collier County is to be commended for their action.