Thursday, December 13, 2012

Florida: Guatemala Deports John McAfee to Miami

As a follow-up to my numerous postings on former anti-virus entrepreneur John McAfee, 67, CNBC reports that the prolific blogger was deported to Miami by the Guatemalan government on Wednesday night (December 12).

Although Belizean authorities' wanting to talk to  Mr. McAfee in connection with the murder of American expat Greg Faull, 53, has all but dissipated from the pages of most newspapers and electronic news sites, McAfee's attorneys were successful in stopping Guatemala from sending him back to Belize for questioning. 

Authorities in Belize say he is not a prime suspect in the investigation. McAfee has denied any role in Faull's killing.

COMMENT: Even though the Belizean government still wants to talk to McAfee, the extradition treaty between the US and Belize applies only to suspected criminals, which does not apply to McAfee, considering that no arrest warrants were ever issued.

Hopefully, now that he is back in the US, he will have the rest and calm that he seeks and no doubt needs.

On the other hand, Greg Faull's murderer is no closer to being caught than on November 11, when his life was ended at his home, with a single 9mm bullet, shot from behind.