Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Florida/Belize: Family of Murdered US Expat, 52, Speaks Out Re: John McAfee's Avoidance of Belizean Investigators

As a follow-up to my many postings since the November 11, shooting death of US expatriate Greg Faull, 52, in Belize, the family of Mr. Faull have told Reuters that they are shocked and frustrated that anti-virus pioneer John McAfee, 67, a person of interest in Faull's murder, has unrestricted movement in Miami. As a result, the Keeneys fear that McAfee will continue to evade Belizean investigators. 

COMMENT: As most of our readers know, for weeks after Mr. Faull's murder, John McAfee took great steps to avoid Belizean police investigators who wanted to speak with him about his neighbor's murder. Eventually, McAfee escaped into Guatemala where he was subsequently deported to Miami. 

Even though four of McAfee's twelve dogs were mysteriously and fatally poisoned two days before Mr. Faull's murder, it should be noted that the Belizean government has NOT issued an arrest warrant for Mr. McAfee, nor have they executed search warrants at any of the reclusive American's haunts in Belize, where he has lived for the last four years. 

In their interview with REUTERS, Faull's mother, Eileen Keeney and his step-dad, William Keeney, both of whom visited Greg Faull in Belize and left just two days before his murder, would like to see some form of legal restriction placed on McAfee. Yet, considering that even the Belizeans have said that McAfee is not a prime suspect, it is doubtful that any legal action restricting McAfee's movements are likely. 

The Keeneys have also said that during their visit with their son he made no reference to disputes or arguments with McAfee. 

The Keeneys understand that McAfee believes he may be killed if he returns to Belize. That being said, the Keeneys have alternatively suggested that Belizean officials talk to McAfee in Miami. 

What is most interesting about the the murder of Greg Faull is that the Belizeans have publicly said NOTHING about the status of their investigation, not even the results of their forensic analysis of Mr. Faull's body.  

Optically, it appears from the outside that the murder investigation is dead in the water, with no viable leads, which is little consolation to the Kinneys, who have had no closure. 

Additionally, their son's death and his murder investigation, seemingly, have been overshadowed by Mr. McAfee's media and blogging blitz. 

Another legal complication for McAfee is a $5 million lawsuit concerning the death of an Arizona businessman, Robert Gilson, 61. In fact, the case was pretty much the impetus for Mr. McAfee relocating to Belize in 2007. 

Gilson died in a small aircraft crash in Arizona in 2006, with the end result being that Gilson's family blames McAfee for the crash of the married father-of-three who was taking lessons in "aero-trekking," a sport developed by McAfee. 

The wrongful death lawsuit alleges that McAfee hired his 22-year-old nephew, Joel Bitow, as flight instructor even though he didn't possess the proper certifications.  

Bitow then took Gilson to a canyon in Arizona where they suddenly lost control of the craft, went into a spiral dive resulting in the deaths of both men. 

Subsequently, McAfee sold a number of properties he owned in the US and took his money and himself to Belize, presumably safe from any US court ruling stemming from the lawsuit.