Wednesday, December 5, 2012

México: A "Must-Read" Piece on Mexican Political Violence, Dr. María Santos Gorrostieta

COMMENT: Every now and then a political figure emerges some place in the world that warrants our respect and recognition.

Such a person typifies the word "courageous," while at the same time underlining just how perishable life is in México, particularly those who stand up to the drug cartels, which have become of late, nearly as comparable to the Mexican government itself.

This account, filed by the London-based DAILY MAIL, is an excellent piece of journalism, albeit photographically unsettling:ía-Santos-Gorrostieta-executed-surviving-assassination-attempts

After surviving two assassination attempts, both of which reportedly claimed the lives of her first and second husbands, Dr. María Santos Gorrostieta's life, unknown to many outside of her family and friends, is so noteworthy that her courage and strength needs to be recognized for the torment that she and her family endured.

Dr. Gorrostieta stood up to the cartels from the very onset of her election as the mayor of Tiquicheo in 2008 until she left office in 2011.

She was a physician who only wanted to help people and was killed for it.

On Saturday, November 17, Dr. Gorrostieta's body was found by farm workers in Cuitzeo Township, not far from the Mexican capital. Her feet and hands were tightly bound; she had been tortured, beaten and stabbed to death.

Although many foreigners look unfavorably on México, they fail to realize that it is those illegal drugs bound for the US that are coveted by the cartels, even as citizens in many of the US states want to see marijuana legalized, as it was recently in Colorado and Washington.

Did Dr. Gorrostieta die in vain?