Friday, December 7, 2012

New Zealand: Alert--NZ Courts Cracking Down on Foreign Drivers

As a follow-up to my December 5 posting, entitled "New Zealand: Foreign Driver, 25, Imprisoned, Fined for Fatal Collision," our readers are cautioned that New Zealand courts are rightfully cracking down on foreign drivers, the latter of whom continue to cause injuries and fatalities on Kiwi roadways.

COMMENT: As I have said on numerous occasions, not only is driving in New Zealand on the LEFT, which is a challenge for RHD motorists, but additionally foreign drivers of late have been responsible for an increasing number of roadway injuries and fatalities.

Susanne Franziska Engldrecht, a German tourist in New Zealand on a work visa, for instance, was fined $400 and prohibited from driving for six months last week when the camper-van she was driving carelessly left the roadway and rolled over, injuring her partner.